Isabel’s first s&m movie

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After a great night, Frankiebabe had stunning busty blonde Lucy Zara back at her place and in her bed! They had taken everything off except for their sexy leather boots, and feeling very naughty and knowing how horny and wet Lucy was, Frankie reached for her big shiny toy and pleasured Lucy all night!

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Isabel’s first s&m movie

This slut gets clothespins all over her tits.

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Nose torments

Nose Torments and Facial Humiliation

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Making the Slaves Play Balls-O-War!

I think we need a bit of action around here,” Miss Kitty Bliss says as I sit on the sofa with Goddess Cleo. Cleo wastes little time summoning two slaves and they come crawling over to us on all fours. “The ladies and I have decided we need some amusement so we’re going to get you boys to do a little competition for us,” Cleo says. “We’re going to see who has balls of steel,” Miss Kitty Bliss adds. Have you heard of the game “tug-o-war?” Well, we decide to make the slaves play our twisted variation appropriately titled, “balls-o-war!” We tie rope to their balls and make them compete to see who can move the other the farthest while the rope stretches their tender balls. We all laugh and taunt them as they inch their way across the floor in excruciating pain! When the game is over we make the slaves kiss our feet as we watch.

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Man fucks his tied up and submissive sex girl


Man enjoys his rope bound slender Japanese woman and touches her sexy body all over. He undresses and uses his cock in her open mouth as she drools. He then puts her on her back while tied and fucks her hairy pussy harder as she screams and orgasms.

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